Twilio Auth for Laravel

In Development!

Laravel comes shipped with a basic email and password authentication based system, and Twilio has a fantastic phone-based authentication system. This package is designed to replace the default Laravel authentication system with an SMS-only authenticated system.

Users in the database will be identified by their phone number in e164 format, and they will never need to remember a password. Using this system, when a user signs up or logs in, Twilio will send a one time passcode to their phone, and Laravel will use that OTP and resulting successful verification to authenticate the user into the application.

The project is still in development, and while it is a fun side project, when released it is not recommended for authentication for any application requiring robust security, as SMS spoofing and SMS-based authentication has known security vulnerabilities.

As soon as v1 is ready, I will be updating this posting with the code and tutorials.