Family Services Portal

Free For Families

As part of the New Mexico Child Care Resource and Referral program, funded by state and federal dollars, all services offered by the Family Services Portal are free for everyone to use at any time. Individuals and families can access the service themselves through the website ( or they can call our family specialists for a highly customized referral to services and providers.

Search, See, Save

New Mexico families can access the portal and search for all services and providers within a region or specific radius of an address. From there, they can see provider details, and save and export individual providers to a PDF for later reference.

Individuals and Families can bookmark their search results for later. If a provider from a previous search is no longer available because of closures or changes in qualifications, the bookmarked search result will reflect those changes automatically, ensuring families always have the most up-to-date information.

Custom Referrals

Family Specialists at the Early Childhood Services Center can access an internal dashboard for the Family Services Portal to provide highly specific referrals for clients who call the referral line or email the support center.

These referrals are custom to each client every time, using advanced filtering, data analytics, and human insights into the needs of individual clients on a case-by-case basis.

Final referrals can be printed in the office or sent via email to clients.