Screenshot of STC Presentation Title Slide reading "Universal and Intersectional Design: Exploring Web Navigation and Accessibility by Garrett Massey"

Universal and Intersectional Design: Exploring Web Navigation and Accessibility

Annual Society of Technical Communication Summit

Virtual, 2020

Web navigation, as a subsection of web design, is rooted partially in information architecture, computer science, and document design. Research into information architecture and web navigation has revealed four basic structures through which navigation can be achieved: hierarchical, linear or sequential navigation, organic or “webbed” navigation, and matrix navigation. Little research has been conducted on the intersection between the choice of these navigation structures, the accessibility, and the quality of the end user experience. In this session, I will provide a brief overview of a study I conducted on the intersection of usability, accessibility, and web navigation. The session will aim to build on the topic of web navigation and accessibility by opening a dialogue with participants about best practices in web design, user experience, and universal design 

Takeaways include the following:

  • How to approach web navigation from a universal design perspective by including diverse people in the design process from the beginning.
  • How to use information architecture to guide the design and navigation of a website.
  • The need for more research on the intersection of information architecture, navigation, and accessibility inform best practices in web design.

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