Screenshot of the presentation title card reading "STEM Intersections, exploring self narration and shared experiences, Garrett Massey"

STEM Intersections: Exploring Self Narration and Shared Experiences

oSTEM National Conference

Houston, TX, 2018

Sometimes it’s hard to connect with people in different disciplines or fields, and sometimes it’s hard to communicate with people who don’t share your experiences. This session dives into how our unique stories, identities, and experiences can be shared through a variety of mediums as they intersect with STEM. The discussion will focus on bridging the gap between STEM and non-STEM fields to gain the confidence, comfort, and ability needed to share our identities and experiences. The biggest questions we will address are (1) how does being in STEM impact how others view us and (2) how do we, as queer people in STEM, use various mediums of communication to expand our communities in a healthy way.

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