• Programmer Analyst II

    University of New Mexico
    Early Childhood Services Center
    Albuquerque, NM

    2021 – Present

    Work to maintain, develop, test, and deploy all web applications and websites under the control of the University of New Mexico Early Childhood Services Center. Use Laravel and WordPress to develop new web-based applications and programs for parents, families, caregivers, and educators to be able to access New Mexico based early learning, care, intervention, and education programs for children. Maintain databases, implement new database designs, and manage other developers working on Laravel and WordPress projects. Provide database support, development support, and information architecture, and server support to the department.

  • Web Designer

    University of New Mexico
    Early Childhood Services Center
    Albuquerque, NM

    2019 – 2021

    Worked to maintain, develop, and design the University of New Mexico Early Childhood Services Center website (www.newmexicokids.org) as directed by the New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department. Worked to provide development and design support as well as technical support for the website, staff, and users. Provided database and information architecture support for the department.

  • Administrative Assistant

    BKF Management
    Las Cruces, NM

    2019 – 2019

    Worked to assist the owner of BKF Management in daily tasks such as scheduling meetings, answering phones, filing paperwork, and preparing client information and packets for in-person meetings. Regularly worked with tax and accounting software to provide information for the supervisors and accountants on behalf of clients. Provided support to office accountants and bookkeepers.

  • Web Content Manager

    New Mexico Tech
    Academic Affairs
    Socorro, NM

    2018 – 2019

    Migrated content from an old version of the nmt.edu domain to a new content management system. Developed, edited, and stylized content for Academic Affairs that upheld state and federal standards for accreditation. Refactored the information architecture and navigation of the Academic Affairs web pages.

  • Editor-In-Chief

    New Mexico Tech
    Paydirt (Student Newspaper)
    Socorro, NM

    2017 – 2018

    Managed the Paydirt staff, wrote and presented reports to the Student Government regularly, determined themes for print issues, managed contracts, maintained the website, and managed the operating budget of the student newspaper.

  • User Experience Design Intern

    RiskSense Inc.
    Albuquerque, NM

    2017 – 2017

    Refactored and redesigned the user experience of the RiskSense Platform settings for multiple user types. Collaborated with the customer support, front-end development, and database administration teams.

  • Resident Assistant

    New Mexico Tech
    Residential Life
    Socorro, NM

    2015 – 2017

    Created and maintained a living environment conductive to the academic, physical, social, and emotional success of residents. Worked with staff and students to plan and host events and community programs.

  • Web Developer

    New Mexico Tech
    Office for Student Learning
    Socorro, NM

    2015 – 2016

    Developed and programmed a series of webpages geared towards incoming students, designed and developed the necessary documents and stylesheets for a system-wide framework for the organization. Built a schedule and shift management web application that was briefly used by the university (www.solist.co).

  • Information Technology Assistant

    New Mexico Tech
    Office for Student Learning
    Socorro, NM

    2014 – 2015

    Maintained the Office for Student Learning website as needed, filed paperwork, organized data and sign-in sheets submitted by tutors and staff members bi-weekly. Digitized files and entered data into a shared spreadsheet for analysis, record keeping, and organization.


  • The ABC’s of DBs: Database Design and Content Management

    Annual Society of Technical Communication Summit

    Chicago, IL, 2022

    Knowing how databases organize and structure information will help to better plan and design content authoring processes, organization, and data management for you and your team. Database Design and Relational Databases provide a powerful knowledge base and skill set for understanding and expanding your use of content management systems like WordPress and Joomla. Database Design and Data Relationships also provide a strong foundation for understanding the ins-and-outs of collaborative tools, information typing, and group authoring tools.

  • Universal and Intersectional Design: Exploring Web Navigation and Accessibility

    Annual Society of Technical Communication Summit

    Virtual, 2020

    Web navigation, as a subsection of web design, is rooted partially in information architecture, computer science, and document design. Research into information architecture and web navigation has revealed four basic structures through which navigation can be achieved: hierarchical, linear or sequential navigation, organic or “webbed” navigation, and matrix navigation. Little research has been conducted on the intersection between the choice of these navigation structures, the accessibility, and the quality of the end user experience. In this session, I will provide a brief overview of a study I conducted on the intersection of usability, accessibility, and web navigation. The session will aim to build on the topic of web navigation and accessibility by opening a dialogue with participants about best practices in web design, user experience, and universal design 

    Takeaways include the following:

    • How to approach web navigation from a universal design perspective by including diverse people in the design process from the beginning.
    • How to use information architecture to guide the design and navigation of a website.
    • The need for more research on the intersection of information architecture, navigation, and accessibility inform best practices in web design.

  • STEM Intersections: Exploring Self Narration and Shared Experiences

    oSTEM National Conference

    Houston, TX, 2018

    Sometimes it’s hard to connect with people in different disciplines or fields, and sometimes it’s hard to communicate with people who don’t share your experiences. This session dives into how our unique stories, identities, and experiences can be shared through a variety of mediums as they intersect with STEM. The discussion will focus on bridging the gap between STEM and non-STEM fields to gain the confidence, comfort, and ability needed to share our identities and experiences. The biggest questions we will address are (1) how does being in STEM impact how others view us and (2) how do we, as queer people in STEM, use various mediums of communication to expand our communities in a healthy way.